INTEA Breakfast Season #5

INTEA Breakfast — Season #5
Our two passions combine into fun, useful and honest morning webinar sessions.
Grab a cup and join us online on Fridays for a 45-minute insight into the world of learning!

We love e-learning and we love coffee

We take a look at what modern learning platforms can offer and help you decide what is worth pursuing and what is just hot air marketing buzz.
A broken link results in a tsunami of emails from learners and of course it is Friday afternoon and you made plans. Or you need to assign 200 courses to 15 000 learners by hand and this is exactly what you do NOT need on Monday. Sounds familiar?
Delivering more content faster, creating more engagement, updating older courses, reaching learners on the go... So many tasks!
We know that SMEs is your favourite topic so here comes a new session! Have you thought about involving 3rd party (external) experts in course production? What could go wrong? Spoiler alert: many things!
Adaptive learning idea is simple: let every learner automatically see content that is relevant to them and spare them from going through pages of things they already know. Sounds amazing! But how can you actually do it in-house?
Do you remember your favourite lecture, YouTube instructional video or TED talk? Chances are, you liked it because it was educational AND entertaining. But how do you bring the memorability of entertainment into often dull corporate topics?
Missed a webinar session you wanted to attend?
No worries! After the launch date you can find all of them here:

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