INTEA Breakfast Season #8

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INTEA Breakfast — Season #8

We love e-learning and we love coffee

Our two passions combine into fun, useful and honest morning webinar sessions.
Grab a cup and join us online on Fridays for a 45-minute insight into the world of learning!

Still wonder how achieve more with the staff that you have? Staff shortage, rising salaries, digitalisation, need for up-skilling ask for new approaches. Join us for a collection of real-life cases that will teach you how to achieve your goals with easy yet impactful solutions.
Your employees know what to do but still don't do it? Traditional learning doesn't do the trick? Join us for a walk through of innovative cases and learn how small changes within training can lead to big results.
You've got great training and feedback from the employees, but it gets you nowhere yet again? Join us for a collection of real-life cases and learn how to influence your employees and stakeholders to achieve impactful results.

INTEA Breakfast

Always celebrate your small wins.
Even if you failed at the beginning, it's okay.

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